Student Groups

Listed below are some of the groups, clubs, and organizations with which Chemistry graduate students and post-docs are involved. A general list of graduate student organizations is available. To add or edit a student group on this page, email Lisa Thomas.

Yale Joint Safety Team (JST)

We are a group of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows that work with the Deparmtnet of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) and the Department of Chemistry to cultivate a culture of safety. The main goals of the JST are to improve the safety awareness and literacy in chemical laboratories, provide safety related skills and resources to assist researchers, and establish a network of communication. Some of our initiatives include providing lab training to first year students, archiving near misses, supporting safety officers, and distributing safety information via safety posters, newsletters, and talks.

Open to all

For more information see the JST webpage, JST people page, and the JST facebook page. We have monthly meetings so look for information regarding those and other upcoming events in the monthly safety newsletter and from the Chemistry Department.

Climate and Diversity Committee (CDC)

The Climate and Diversity Committee is working to maintain a diverse and productive community of chemists in a respectful climate that fosters creativity and learning.

All Yale chemistry affiliates at any level are welcome to participate.

For more information or to get involved, contact Suzanne Szewczyk or David Stevens.

Chemistry Education Group

The Chemistry Education Group at Yale is committed to providing professional development opportunities in chemistry education to graduate students by: (1) Fostering an environment to review and apply chemical education research, (2) Providing teaching resources and opportunities, (3) Organizing educational outreach activities.

Open to all

Contact Aneta Turlik for more information and/or to get involved.

Professional Development Network (PDN)

Our group aims to provide a platform for career development for chemistry students. We will accomplish this by presenting a diversity of experienced professionals, building connections with alumni, and facilitating intradepartmental cohesion.

Open to graduate students and postdocs

Email Rishi Agarwal if you are interested in joining. You can also get involved via LinkedIn.

Yale Graduate Student Consulting Club (YGCC)

We are a student-run organization with greater than 400 members pursuing graduate and professional degrees at Yale. Our mission at the YGCC is to provide a platform for Yale graduate students to learn about and prepare for productive careers in management consulting by transforming Yale into a prime recruiting ground for top firms. The YGCC organizes events throughout the year ranging from weekly case practice and networking events to our annual case competition in the spring. Additionally, YGCC pro bono teams work on a range of real-world consulting projects each year.

We welcome all non-MBA graduate and professional students and postdoctoral fellows

Please visit the YGCC website to join our mailing list and be in the loop for events held by YGCC and consulting firms on campus. You can also email the YGCC.

Open Labs at Yale

Open Labs’ primary mission is to inspire middle and high school students to seek a degree in science. We pursue this aim by introducing studetns to the cutting edge of scientific research and science role models (e.g., graduate students) who are leading these investigations.

Open to graduate students and postdocs

For more information, see the Open Labs website, email Open Labs, or the Open Labs orgsync page.

Social Committee

Plan social events for the chemistry department, such as Social Hours, the Halloween Party, etc.

Graduate students and postdocs are welcome

For more information, email Danica Cui.

Intramural Soccer: Roundbottoms

The Chemistry co-rec soccer team. We play on Sundays in the fall and spring seasons.

Open to graduate students and postdocs

Please email Omar Beleh, Rishi Agarwal, and/or Josh Combs if you are interested in playing.

Pick-up Volleyball

Co-ed, usually comprised of intermediate to advanced players, beginners are welcome. Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-8PM at the Lanman Center, Payne Whitney Gym.

You must have a Payne Whitney Gym membership

For more information, email Danica Cui.

Intramural Volleyball

Co-ed, all experience levels welcome. We usually play on Sunday mornings at the Lanman Center, Payne Whitney Gym.

You must have a Payne Whitney Gym membership.

For more information, email Danica Cui.

Intramural Softball: Balco’s Finest

Co-ed, all experience levels welcome. We play on weekday evenings in the summer, and on Sunday afternoons in the fall and spring.

Open to graduate students and postdocs

For more information, email Chris Shugrue.