Graduate Program

Yale is recognized as having one of the strongest Chemistry programs in the world. We are proud of our history, of our faculty, of our laboratories, instrumentation, and libraries, and of our relations with industry. Most of all, we are proud of our students and their research. Graduates of this department occupy leading positions in academia and industry, due in no small part to their experiences in cutting-edge chemistry during their graduate research. The relatively small size of the department facilitates interactions between students and our internationally known faculty, and collegial interactions between the hardworking and lively graduate students contribute to the Ph.D. experience.

Students who are interested in graduate work at Yale should look through the Web page that describes our facilitiesinstrumentationfaculty and associated facultystaff, and seminar schedule. Applications for graduate admission are done through the Yale Graduate School (not through individual professors), and the application and standardized test scores are due by December 1 each year. Accepted students are notified later in the winter, and in the spring we host two Visiting Days for prospective graduate students in order to show them all the beauty, fun, and pleasant atmosphere that Yale and New Haven have to offer.

The Ph.D. degree is a research degree, and research is the main educational activity. Some students come to Yale the summer before matriculation, in order to sample a research group, but final pairing of students with research groups occurs during the first year. The graduate program begins in late August with a 2-week orientation to Yale, teaching, and the areas of chemistry within the department. Students take classes and teach, and also prepare independent proposals to exercise their creativity and scientific rigor. However, the focus of the degree is a Ph.D. dissertation on research, as part of a research group under the leadership of a faculty member who guides and educates through research.

Detailed description of the graduate program, rules and policies is available on the Useful Links webpage.