Laboratory & Discussion Section Registration (LDSR) for Spring 2024 Semester

We will not be participating in Preference Selection starting on November 1. 
Instead, we are introducing a new process for this upcoming Spring 2024 term: registration for Chemistry courses - Laboratory & Discussion Section Registration (LDSR). 
Please follow these steps to register for the Chemistry course:
  • Register for the lecture of interest (e.g., CHEM 220, CHEM 221, CHEM 167, etc.)
  • Register for the Leading Discussion Section A (e.g., CHEM 220-A, CHEM 221-A, CHEM 167-A, etc.)
  • Please note, Section A will have neither a day nor time listed; however, by registering for this section (in addition to the lecture), you will be guaranteed a seat in the course.
The procedure described above enables the Department to determine overall student demand as well as the number of sections that will be needed for each course.
Starting at 5:00 p.m. on November 27, 2023, new discussion or lab sections (e.g., Sections B through Section F) will be created with the actual days/times listed.
At this point, you can register for the Discussion/Laboratory section of your choice, with the opportunity to move into a discussion section between November 27 - December 21. 
Once the above has been accomplished, you will need to switch or add one of the new discussion/laboratory sections to your registration worksheet. Sections will be populated on a first-come, first-served basis. Therefore, if you need a specific day/time for your schedule, it is recommended that you register as soon as possible. 
To switch your discussion/lab section on November 27, please follow the instructions provided by the Registrar’s office:

Note, if you do not switch to one of the Discussion/Laboratory Sections having a specified day/time by the end of the Registration Period (December 21 at 5:00 p.m.), then you will be dropped from both the course and the leading Section A.

We sincerely hope this new section-selection process permits your schedule to be fully established before the holiday recess!