Visiting Undergraduates Participating in Research or Clinical Activities

Undergraduate students 18 years or older who are currently enrolled in an accredited degree-granting institution other than Yale are welcome to participate in approved educational research and clinical activity under the mentorship of a Yale faculty member. Please review the policy before requesting an appointment as a visiting undergraduate.

The purpose is to provide the student with research and clinical experience under the mentorship of a Yale faculty member. The experience is solely for the student’s educational benefit and does not constitute an employment relationship between the student and Yale. A student may receive a stipend directly from their home institution or receive other fellowship support. However, support through Yale administered funds is permissible only when provided as a stipend to support an educational experience. Learn more about the non-degree application process.

A student may receive payment but must be hired through Human Resources in a temporary intern position. This option has not been widely used in the Chemistry Department. To be considered, submit a brief statement of the work to be performed to Chemistry Administration Office and allow up to eight weeks for processing.

To request an appointment, contact Undergraduate Academic Support with the student’s name, contact information, and anticipated appointment dates. A Yale faculty member will then complete an application and provide the student with a NetID.