Yale Chemistry Symposium 2021 Poster Presentations

Below is a selection of the 28 graduate student research posters presented at the Yale Chemistry Symposium on Aug. 27. Some posters could not be shared due to data publication status. 

Title: Migratory Insertion of Hydrocarbyl Groups to Dinitrogen via a High-Valent Iron(IV) Hydrazido Intermediate

Authors Samuel M. Bhutto, Reagan X. Hooper, Sean F. McWilliams, Brandon Q. Mercado, Patrick L. Holland

Title: Total Synthesis of Fully Synthetic (+)-Pleuromutilin Analogs

Authors:  Mikaela DiBello, Olivia Goethe, Seth Herzon

Title: Tunable and Practical Homogeneous Organic Reductants for Cross-Electrophile Coupling

Authors: David J. Charboneau, Haotian Huang, Emily L. Barth, Nilay Hazari, Brandon Q. Mercado, Mycah R. Uehling, Susan L. Zultanski

Title: Modifications of Metal Oxide Semiconductors for Efficient Light Driven Water Oxidation

Authors:  Josephine Jacob-Dolan, Matt Capobianco, Cristina DeCavoli, Jessica Freeze, HanyuLiu, Spencer Adler, Robert H. Crabtree, Gary W. Brudvig

TitleSpectroscopic Imaging of Interactions in the Cell

Authors: Eddie Knab, Eitan Acks, Brahmmi Patel, Caitlin Davis

Title: Insights into the ORR Selectivity Determining Mechanism with Fe(porphyrin) Catalysts

Authors: Hannah S. Nedzbala, Anna C. Brezny, and James M. Mayer

Title: Mucinomics: Understanding the Complex Relationship Between Mucins and Human Disease

Authors: Valentina Rangel-Angarita, Deniz Ince1, Keira Mahoney, and Stacy A. Malaker

Title: Iterative Power Algorithm for Global Optimization with Quantics Tensor Trains

Authors: Micheline S. Soley, Victor S. Batista, Paul Bergold

Title: Adventures in Ultrafast Spectroscopy: Electron Transfer in Dye-Sensitized Metal Oxides

Authors:  Jacob A. Spies, Dimosthenis Sokaras, Charles A. Schmuttenmaer, Gary W. Brudvig

Title: Formation of Fused Ring Junction N-Heterocycles via Cp*Rh(III) Imidoyl C–H Activation

Authors:  Andrew D. Streit, Gia L. Hoang, Adam J. Zoll, Michelle H. Moon, Matthew D. Simon, and Jonathan A. Ellman