Synthetic Chemistry

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Chemists who are trained in synthesis use their skills to create new forms of matter. Imagine being the first to make an unprecedented chemical compound! However, we synthesize compounds not just because they are new: the design and preparation of these new compounds leads to numerous applications in pharmaceuticals, materials, detection, energy utilization and storage, and insights into biological systems. Synthesis of new catalysts is used to find more efficient ways to mass-produce the compounds that support our standard of living, and to prepare new variants that could not previously be imagined. Yale’s program in synthetic chemistry spans from the tethering of biomolecules together, to the preparation of natural products, to the creation of metal complexes in new environments.

List of Faculty

Jonathan Ellman
Nilay Hazari
Seth Herzon
Patrick Holland
William Jorgensen
Scott Miller
Timothy Newhouse
David Spiegel