Welcome New Preceptors Tim Schleif and Ruth Son

September 26, 2023
Portrait of a woman and man

Yale Chemistry welcomes two new preceptors to assist faculty with undergraduate teaching.

Tim Schleif

Tim Schleif, Ph.D., is helping teach General Chemistry Lecture (Chem 161) and Lab (Chem 134).

Schleif did his postdoctoral research here at Yale in the lab of Professor Mark A. Johnson. Prior to that, he earned his Ph.D. in chemistry at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum in Germany with Wolfram Sander. His research focused on cryogenic vibrational spectroscopy, first applied to neutral molecules in noble gas matrixes (with Prof. Sander) and then ions in the gas phase (with Prof. Johnson). He’s interested in heavy-atom tunneling reactions and hopes to continue publishing on the subject when his weekends allow for some research.

Ruth Son

Ruth Son, Ph.D., is assisting in teaching Organic Chemistry Lecture (Chem 220) and Lab (22L).

Son earned her Ph.D. in chemistry from Washington University in St. Louis with Vladimir Birman. In the Birman Group, she conducted research in synthetic organic chemistry. Specifically, her research focused on the synthesis of phenazine-based foldamers that would expand and contract reversibly upon reduction-oxidation, mimicking the function of actin-myosin filaments in Nature.