Newhouse Group Wins 2021 Merck Compound Synthesis Challenge

May 25, 2022
Group of people sitting on bench in hallway

Originating in 2018, Merck KGaA’s Compound Challenge is an international competition to identify the best submitted synthetic route for a given small molecule based on 1) number of synthetic steps, 2) obtained yield, 3) achieved purity, and 4) feasibility of steps not performed. Each participating group is given the structure of a small molecule for which they must provide a proposed synthesis route within 96 hours. The top ten best routes are selected and then evaluated experimentally to determine the winner. The selected routes are then tested in a wet lab. The participants with the best route, as determined by the above criteria, win a prize of EUR 10,000.

The Newhouse team’s route was selected from hundreds of entries to be evaluated experimentally and was found to be one of two top performers. They share 1st place and the cash prize with one other team.

Learn more about the Newhouse Group.