Jon Ellman Receives Allan R. Day Award

February 15, 2023
Man holding glass award in front of chalk board

Congratulations to Jon Ellman, Eugene Higgins Professor of Chemistry and professor of pharmacology, on receiving the Allan R. Day Award for his outstanding contributions to organic chemistry. The award, established in 1983, is given once a year by the Philadelphia Organic Chemists’ Club.

“It is truly inspiring to see Jon recognized this way, as he is so deserving and he adds to the tradition of the famous and prestigious award,” said Scott Miller, Irénée du Pont Professor of Chemistry.

The Ellman Lab researches the development of practical and general synthetic methods and their application to the synthesis of pharmaceutical agents and bioactive natural products. His laboratory is also engaged in the development and application of chemical tools for the discovery of potent and selective ligands to biomolecular targets.

“This award is well-deserved recognition of Jon’s seminal and enduring contributions to the field of synthetic organic chemistry,” said Seth Herzon, Milton Harris ’29 Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry.

In receiving his award, Ellman gave a lecture entitled “The Development of Synthetic Methods for Drug Discovery and Development” at the University of Pennsylvania on January 26. In his presentation, he provided examples of targeted and serendipitous reaction discovery and discussed emerging programs on new types of C-H functionalization, photoredox-catalyzed highly stereoselective epimerization, and asymmetric catalysis for the convergent synthesis of drug relevant high oxidation state sulfur pharmacophores.

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