Contest to promote diversity

September 7, 2016

The FAS Deputy Dean for Diversity and Faculty Development has announced a contest to determine the Yale department that comes up with the most creative and clever way to promote making their environment feel more inclusive and welcoming.  See attachment for details.  The winning department will receive a (delivered) hot lunch complete with dessert.  FAS has funding available to all departments for supplies/services needed to promote their ideas.
Besides the lure of a really great lunch, FAS plans to have the grand prize winning department featured on the FAS Dean’s website.  Additionally, there is a plan to kick off a regular series of town meetings for FAS staff during the academic year and those involved in the winning department’s plan to promote inclusivity will be recognized during the meeting.  This contest is meant to be fun and foster a spirit of collegiality and teamwork across the FAS.  How wonderful would it be for Chemistry to win this honor (and lunch)?  The deadline for the contest is September 15th.  Please submit your thoughts and ideas to Maria Foley at