Peter Moore

Member of Yale faculty since 1969

Research Interests


B.S. Yale University, 1961
Ph.D. Harvard University, 1966
Postdoctoral Fellow, Institut de Biologie Moleculaire, University of Geneva (Switzerland), 1966-67
Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge (UK), 1967-69


NIH Merit Award, 1986-95
Fellow of AAAS, 1992
National Academy of Sciences, 1997
Rosenstiel Award, 2001
AAAS Newcomb Cleveland Prize, 2002
American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 2003
Biophysical Society, President-Elect, 2009

Recent Publications

Moore, P. B., and Steitz, T. A. (2011) The Roles of RNA in the Synthesis of Proteins, In RNA Worlds (Atkins, J. F., Gesteland, R. F., and Cech, T. R., Eds.), pp 123-139, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, Cold Spring Harbor, NY.

Moore, P. B. (2011) How small is small?: a biophysical chemist’s thoughts about the lower limits of cell size, In The Minimal Cell: The Biophysics of Cell Compartment and Origin of Cell Functionality (Luisi, P. L., and Stano, P., Eds.), pp 65-71, Springer, Dordrecht.

Moore, P. B. (2012) Visualizing the Invisible.  Imaging Techniques for the Structural Biologist, Oxford University Press, New York.

Moore, P. B. (2012) How should we think about the ribosome?, Annu. Rev. Biophys. 41, 1-19.

Moore, P. B. (2012) Neutrons, magnets and photons: a career in structural biology, J. Biol. Chem. 287, 805-818.

Moore, P. B. (2012) A short, informal history of the biological sciences at Yale University, Yale J. Biol. Med. 85, 551-558.

Moore, P. B. (2014) The effects of thermal disorder on the solution scattering profiles of macromolecules, Biophys. J. 106, 1489-1496.