Silliman Physical Chemistry Seminar with Jessica M. Anna, University of Pittsburgh

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September 23, 2024 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm
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Sterling Chemistry Laboratory (SCL), Room 160 See map
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Join Yale Chemistry for a Silliman Physical Chemistry Seminar with Dr. Jessica M. Anna, Professor of Chemistry, from the University of Pittsburgh.

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Solar energy conversion, in both natural and artificial systems, involves the absorption of a photon that can then lead to a series of energy and electron transfer events. Research in the Anna group focuses on investigating these photoinduced processes in a variety of systems including natural photosynthetic complexes; isolated cofactors and artificial light harvesting chromophores; and bioinspired systems and photocatalyst. To investigate these systems we use pump-probe and multidimensional spectroscopies in the visible and mid-IR spectral regions. Through our studies, we aim to gain a deeper understanding of the fundamental processes and ultrafast dynamics that govern solar energy conversion, which could lead to further insight and chemical intuition into how to tune and optimize energy transfer pathways and electron transfer events in artificial photosynthetic systems, organic photovoltaic materials, and photocatalysts. This research spans interests across the fields of natural and artificial photosynthesis, photovoltaics, and photocatalysis. For more information about the Anna Research Group:

Faculty Host: Mark Johnson

This seminar is generously sponsored by the Mrs. Hepsa Ely Silliman Memorial Fund

This seminar can be viewed online at this link: Panopto