Buying and Paying Overview

Create Purchase Requisition (video)

On June 28, a legacy version of SciQuest was archived. When Workday Financials launched on July 5, a new version of SciQuest was activated. The legacy version is available in read-only format to allow users to see histories of past purchases. To learn how to copy “favorites” from the legacy version of SciQuest to the new version, refer to the Personal Favorites Quick Guide. All open Oracle/SciQuest orders have been converted to POs in Workday. Although they have been assigned new Workday PO numbers, open orders still can be found by searching for their prior PO numbers. (1. Use the report Find Purchase Orders by Cost Center - Yale 2. Enter the Oracle/SciQuest PO number (without prefix) in the Purchase Order Reference ID field).

For more information on making purchases through SciQuest using Workday, see Buying Goods Through SciQuest Using Workday. Additionally, new procurement training materials are being developed; continue visiting the Procurement page on the Workday@Yale website for new information.

Create a Requisition for Non-Catalog Items

Create a Requisition for Non-Catalog Items (video)

Manage Your Delivery Information Guide


o   The “Requester” selected on the first screen of the Create Requisition process drives the values in the “Default Ship-To Address”, and the “Ship to Contact” and the “Deliver To” location fields on the lines of the requisition.


o   Enter the intended recipient as the “Requester” name whenever possible.

o   If the Requisition items need to be delivered to someone other than the Requester, change the “Default Ship-To Address” on the first screen, and the “Ship To Contact” name and the “Deliver To” room location fields on the lines of the Requisition.


o   The Workday PO will communicate the “Ship-To Contact” name and the “Deliver-To” location of only the first line of the requisition.


o   Limit requisitions to one supplier per requisition.

o   Limit requisitions to one recipient and “Deliver-To” location per requisition.

See how the approval flow for financial transactions has changed. What does the new approval structure look like? When is it appropriate to manually add approvers? Is the flow different when charging instructions include a grant worktag? Read more.

Visit the Procurement training page to read answers to Frequently Asked Questions about SciQuest.

Creating Requisition worktag templates - If you are using the same charging instructions for your requisition or if you frequently use the same charging instructions, you can save time by creating a requisition worktag template, including a template with split charging instructions. Learn how.

Multiple vendors on one requisition - Are you making multiple catalog purchases from different vendors? You can put them into the same requisition for efficiency. Learn how.

Checking the status of your order - This guide will help you find Requisition numbers and view a specific Requisition or Purchase Order. Learn how.