eShipGlobal System

Concurrent with the university’s implementation of Workday financial applications, eShipGlobal will be modified to support Workday’s new charging instruction format effective July 3, 2017.  To support the transition, eShipGlobal will be unavailable between 5:00 p.m. on June 30 and 8:00 a.m. on July 3.

What is Changing

  • Charging instructions will be entered using the new Workday format.  PTAEO and VIP prompts will no longer appear on the data entry form.
  • As you submit the transaction, charging instructions will be validated.  Validation messages will be new based on the new charging instructions.
  • When using ‘Shipment History’ under My Shipments, you can search for shipments prior to July by date, but the PTAEO charging instructions will not appear in the results.
  • If you search for past transactions based on charging instruction segments, you will base it on new charging segments (e.g., Grant versus Award; Cost Center versus Organization). 
  • If a worker other than a regular employee needs access to eShipGlobal, access requests will be made via ServiceNow rather than START.  This includes access by workers such as casual employees, student employees, and associates.  Regular employees (e.g., Faculty, Management & Professional, and Clerical & Technical) will continue to have automatic access.

What is Not Changing

  • You will log in to eShipGlobal as you did before the change.  Existing bookmarks and university website links to reach the log-in screen will continue to work.
  • Address books will remain intact.
  • All existing functionality is unchanged.

What You Need to Do

  • As of July 1, 2017, do not use shipping labels previously generated by eShipGlobal.  To prevent payment delays and accounting issues, please destroy all previously printed shipping labels.
  • If you have sent return shipment labels to associates outside of the university, please send replacement labels to them with new charging instructions and ask them to destroy the prior labels.
  • Consult with your department business office to obtain new charging instructions to use in eShipGlobal.  

Questions may be directed to