Room Reservation System


Please see the user guide or the below instructions for use.

General Information and Reserving a Space:

25Live is our space scheduling tool. It is a web-based room request and event scheduling application that provides a centralized scheduling system and data repository for events at the University. If you would like to reserve a Chemistry space, you can easily do so in 25Live.

Go to, click Sign In at the top right corner, and sign in with your NetID and NetID password. (Note: the preferred browser is Firefox.) Once signed in, there are several ways to create an event. You can click Create an Event, you can Find Available Locations or you can click the write icon that can be found in various views throughout 25Live.

Using the Event Wizard is an easy way to enter the details for your event. Use the Back and Next arrows at the bottom of the screen to navigate. Look to the right column of the page for details about the field you are in. You can cancel or save your event at any time. Primary Organization for this Event will usually be Chemistry. A single event can have multiple locations and dates at the same time of day, but if an event has multiple times, you will need to create a new event for each new item.

When you reach the page for finding and selecting locations, you will search for locations by name. Enter the name of the location you wish to reserve to check available. You can search by building (i.e. SCL) or specific room (i.e. SCL 23). You must hit refresh once you enter the location. Click on the location from the result list to select the room. After you click the location it will appear in the right column under Selected Locations. You can remove rooms by clicking the red X to the right of the location in the right column. Below the search results are two checkboxes for limiting your search results to locations with no conflicts and by enforcing headcount. You may wish to deselect either. A location will have a green checkmark if it is available or a red exclamation point if there is a conflict. If you select the room with a conflict, you can hover over the location on the left column to see the time of the conflict.

Continue filling in all required information and clicking next until you get to the end of the Event Wizard. On the last page, you can either save the event as a Draft or as Tentative. Most times you will want to save as Tentative, which will prompt an approver to review your request. If you save as a Draft, you will need to eventually save again as Tentative to submit the event for approval.

Once submitted, the appropriate approver for the space(s) you have requested will review your request. Approvers have the ability to approve, deny or edit your event. Your request is not approved until you receive a confirmation message from an approver or you see that the status of your event has been changed from Tentative to Confirmed.

If you have questions about using 25Live, please email If you have questions about using a chemistry space, please email

Seeing a Calendar of Chemistry Spaces:

Across the top of the page, select the Locations tab. Enter the building or room you are interested in reserving in the Search by Keyword field and press Go. Under the Calendar tab, click the date range and select the dates you want to look at. Then select Load Calendar. If you change any search criteria, including the building and/or room or the date range, you must click Refresh, which is located directly above the calendar in the right corner.

If this is an urgent matter, please contact Lisa Thomas.