In case of fire or medical emergency, call 911

Requesting Building Services 

Emergency Request – Call 203 432 6888 (any problem that may hurt/damage a person or building, pipe leakages, front entrance door or gates not securing, power outages, toilet overflow, gas smell, too hot/too cold, pest control).

Urgent Request – Submit:  Facilities Work Request (faucet or sink dripping, ballast issues, lighting outages, damaged light fixture, sticking lock, fan noise, loose door handle).

Routine Service Request – Submit:  Facilities Work Request (alterations and renovations, cracked window glass, damaged walls, requests for billable services: e.g. picture hanging, wall outlet installation, etc.), contact Barbara Fitzgerald 203 432 3946.

Custodial Services

To report any custodial issues, you can contact Regina Clarke at 203 436 9538 or by email.  If the problem persists, please inform the department office, 203 432 3915.