Preference Selection and Preregistration

Preference Selection

The Preference Selection Tool is an online service for students to rank multiple sections of a course. Seats are distributed to students through lottery and are placed directly on the student’s schedule. 

Many chemistry courses and labs use Preference Selection. To see if a course uses Preference Selection look at the course description in OCI/OCS. Information and links for Preference Selection sites are available directly in OCS. You can also view preregistration information, including open and close days/times, on the Yale College Preference Selection, Preregistration, and Applications website. 

When you add any course with a discussion/lab section that has online sign-up, a window will pop up to inform you when discussion/lab section sign-up will become available. If this course is using Preference Selection, the pop-up window will also include data collection start and end times plus a link to the Preference Selection site. You can also link to the site from the course description in OCI/OCS. 

If the Preference Selection site is open at the time you add the course to your Schedule Worksheet, you can click on the link and go directly into the site to rank your selections. Specific instructions for doing this are within the site itself. 

The assigned discussion/lab section will be uploaded to your Worksheet. Once general discussion/lab section sign-up opens to all students, you can change to a different section, be put on the waitlist, or drop the course completely from your Worksheet.