Project Work Directly Related to Research

The Chemistry Machine Shop is managed by David W Johnson – 203 432 3921.

Dave maintains a state-of-the-art Machine Shop in WL 100 to allow students, faculty, and staff to construct or modify research instrumentation. Access is strictly limited to those who have completed the shop course. Interested students should contact Mr. Johnson.

The Chemistry Glass Shop is managed by Daryl Smith – 203 432 3919.  

Ed Ginter, Research & Development Technician can be reached at 203 432 4924.

1.    The R&D Technician works directly with faculty and researchers to design and/or modify existing and new scientific instruments, components, equipment, and systems. He installs new detailed laboratory cabinetry and support apparatus using plastic, glass, and wood.

2.    There is no charge for labor, only material, and his service is available to all departments, faculty, and staff in the sciences.

3.    If you would like to utilize this service, please fill out the Work Request Form and email to