Chemistry Stockroom

Kelly Kellerman Manager 203 432 3870
David Campbell Financial Assistant 4, Billing 203 432 3946
Brian Coburn Materials Assistant 203 432 3922
Bret Haughwout Financial Assistant 4, Billing 203 432 3945

The Chemistry Stockroom supports research activity and undergraduate teaching labs in the Chemistry Department and beyond on Science Hill. We maintain a steady inventory of research supplies ranging from laboratory glassware to commonly used chemical reagents. Our staff is also on hand to help fulfill departmental purchasing needs, and to coordinate shipping and receiving. All Stockroom staff can be reached at

Please see below for an outline of additional policies.

Hours of Operation 

The Chemistry Stockroom is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Special holiday and summer hours will be posted in advance.

CLOSED: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the following day, Christmas Eve and every day after until January 2.

Stockroom Staff

David Campbell: Financial Assistant 4, Billing

Dave works in the Chemistry Stockroom at 350 Edwards Street under the supervision of Kelly Kellerman, Operations Manager 2. His responsibilities include reviewing and submitting supplier invoices, maintaining programs and systems (lab coat rental, on- and off-boarding, inventory management system including pricing, charging instruction table and maintenance of items, moveable equipment, door keys, and Kline stockroom cards). Dave also serves as back-up to complete duties performed by Financial Assistant 4, General (vacant) and Bret Haughwout.

Brian Coburn: Materials Assistant Chemistry

Brian works in the Chemistry Stockroom at 350 Edwards Street under the supervision of Kelly Kellerman, Operations Manager 2. His responsibilities include receiving inventory and individual items; adding individual chemicals to the Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Integrator system; stocking shelves; maintaining inventory levels of gas cylinders; filling liquid nitrogen tanks; issuing items to customers; and doing inventory counts. Brian also serves as a back-up to complete duties performed by Bret Haughwout.

Bret Haughwout: Financial Assistant 4, Billing

Bret works in the Chemistry Stockroom at 350 Edwards Street under the supervision of Kelly Kellerman, Operations Manager 2. His responsibilities include approving Workday requisitions (SciQuest orders); issuing items to customers; doing inventory counts; updating and keeping records of equipment maintenance contracts; assisting end users with equipment, maintenance orders, and placing orders; tagging equipment; placing Amazon orders; and performing monthly chemistry service provider billing. Bret also serves as a back-up to complete duties performed by David Campbell and Brian Coburn.

Financial Assistant 4, General (vacant)

The Financial Assistant 4, General position is under the supervision of Kelly Kellerman, Operations Manager 2. The position is responsible for: approving expense reports, running reports, and sending reminders regarding unsubmitted expenses; approving supplier invoice requests; processing Sub-K invoice requests; reconciling financial records, including performing tasks to correct errors; depositing checks and cash, maintaining external USP External Billing Logs; and managing COA segment values, including requesting new and modifying or canceling existing values. This position also serves as a back-up to complete duties performed by David Campbell and Bret Haughwout.

Mailing and Shipping Addresses

For U.S. Postal Only:
Yale University Chemistry Department
P.O. Box 208107
New Haven CT 06520-8107

Note that mailing to 225 Prospect Street without the P.O. Box is not an acceptable U.S. mail address.

For Fed Ex, Airborne, UPS and other shipping companies except U.S Postal Service:
Yale University Chemistry Department
350 Edwards Street
New Haven, CT 06511

Remember to use an attention line. That should be your name.

Please make note of the difference in addresses. U.S. Postal Service does not recognize 350 Edwards Street as an address. Often when items are mailed with this address, they become lost or delayed.

Purchasing Procedures 

Items not available in the stockroom may be obtained by placing an order through SciQuest. To request access, your PI should send a Delegation of Authority form to requesting approval to purchase from the stockroom. The stockroom must process items purchased for use in the Chemistry Department.

Any items purchased from the stockroom (unused glassware, apparatus, or unopened chemicals) can be returned for credit during the same week of date of purchase. Responsibility for producing the proof of purchase rests with the research groups and not with the stockroom personnel. The stockroom retains ultimate jurisdiction as to whether or not an item or items should be returned.

Vendor catalogs can be found on-line. These are to be used to find suitable sources for supplies and chemicals and for determining catalog numbers for orders. 

Stockroom Policies

Stockroom Inventory 

The Stockroom Catalog lists all items kept in stock. Stockroom attendants should be notified if shelf stock is depleted; material will be obtained as quickly as possible by placing a telephone order to the vendor.

Also available on the Internet is a listing of Items on Phase Out. This means that when the last one is sold, we will no longer keep it in stock. You may wish to view this report to make sure your favorite item hasn’t made the list. If it has, you may wish to speak with the office supervisor.

Shipping and Receiving 

The stockroom maintains a receiving area for all incoming materials. Notice of the arrival of ordered materials will be posted on the board.  If the item needs to be in a “freezer” the stockroom will email you to come pick up.  Receiving papers are to be signed and left in the designated box in the stockroom. You may make copies of the packing list, but all originals must remain here. If materials are received other than through the stockroom, you must notify Bret Haughwout in the stockroom. Items to be returned to a vendor for replacement or repair are sent out through the stockroom. Our goal is to process all deliveries in a timely manner, and we ask that you allow us this time to process the deliveries as they arrive.

Personal Deliveries 

University policy states that no personal packages should be delivered to a University address. The Chemistry Department realizes the hardship this may pose and extends the courtesy of allowing personal packages to be delivered to the stockroom. If you choose to have a personal package delivered to the stockroom, the following apply:

Stockroom personnel will not be held liable for any personal package.

Advance notification that a personal package will be delivered is appreciated, especially if you wish special handling of this package. All packages received in the stockroom are subject to be opened. If your personal item is too personal to be opened, it should not be sent here. Many boxes per day are received and not all boxes are obviously marked as being personal.

If you are waiting for a personal package, please do not come in and ask if it is here unless you have proof of delivery. Stockroom personnel are employed to process orders related to teaching and research and should not be needlessly interrupted to investigate personal shipments.

If you are having personal belongings shipped here from a previous residence and you have not yet arrived here, please make arrangements for someone to pickup and secure your packages. We do not have a storage facility.

Removal of Chemicals from Stockroom 

All liquids and chemicals in glass bottles must be transported in approved containers. These containers are rubber carriers, plastic carriers, carts with low shelving and a lip or a wagon. No exceptions.