Job Opportunities and Recruiting Events

GSK invites all graduate students and postdocs to a virtual company information and networking session with GSK scientists from the Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Development Departments on Wednesday, June 16th from 9:00-10:00am EST. At the seminar you’ll learn both about working at GSK and how technology and inventive chemistry is at the core of GSK’s scientific strategy and is used to deliver world class medicine to patients. Detailed job descriptions of open positions are attached. by Wednesday, June 9th." conversion="false" data-linkto="mailto:" href="" title="Interested candidates should send a CV and research summary to by Wednesday, June 9th.">Interested candidates should send a CV and research summary to by Wednesday, June 9th.

The Process Chemistry & Development team at Takeda Pharmaceuticals is hiring a senior research associate/research investigator. They are seeking someone with a Master’s degree in organic chemistry (or a Bachelor’s with industry experience). Interested and qualified candidates should review the posting to apply online and also" conversion="false" data-linkto="mailto:" href="" title="contact Dr. Oliver D. Engl directly via email (">contact Dr. Oliver D. Engl directly via email (

Jesse Greener, Associate Professor at Université Laval in Québec City, Canada, is seeking doctoral candidates and a postdoctoral fellow in analytical chemistry. Projects involve bacteriology, microfluidics, and spectroscopy. Successful candidates will contribute to a major Canadian initiative targeting depolymerization of plastic using bacteria and their enzymes. To apply," conversion="false" data-linkto="mailto:" href="" title="email Jesse Greener (">email Jesse Greener ( with a CV, a letter outlining qualifications and motivation for the position, a sample of research writing, and the names of two references.