Chemistry Graduate Research Fellowship Awards

This award was started in 2019 to recognize, support, and encourage mid-career graduate students in their 3rd – 4th year. The fellowships are named after former faculty and scientists that have been associated with the Department of Chemistry: Jerome A. Berson, Donald Crothers, Peter B. Moore, Lars Onsager, Charlotte Fitch Roberts, John Tully, Harry Wasserman, and Kenneth Wiberg.


2021 - 2022

Michael Burke (Moore Fellowship)
Duc M. Chu (Wasserman Fellowship)
Benjamin Groff (Berson Fellowship)
Alexander Hegg (Crothers Fellowship)
Haotian (John) Huang (Wiberg Fellowship)
Jana Jelusic (Moore Fellowship)
Jaehoo Lee (Wasserman Fellowship)
Jessica J. Mohsen (Roberts Fellowship)
Kristian Olesen (Crothers Fellowship)
Thomas P. Regan (Tully Fellowship)
Soren D. Rozema (Wiberg Fellowship)
Anastasia Saar (Roberts Fellowship)
Bo Shang (Onsager Fellowship)
Santino Stropoli (Tully Fellowship)
Zhi Xu (Berson Award) 
Jiayun Zhong (Onsager Fellowship)

2020 - 2021

Brandon Alexander (Wasserman Fellowship)
Dan Brandes (Berson Fellowship)
Matt Capobianco (Tully Fellowship)
Anthony Deziel (Moore Fellowship)
Jungmin Eun (Wasserman Fellowship)
Benjamin Groff (Moore Fellowship)
Susannah Huth (Wiberg Fellowship)
JJ Hwang (Berson Award) 
Ray Kelly (Wiberg Fellowship)
William Lake (Onsager Fellowship)
Hanyu Liu (Onsager Fellowship)
Savannah Mason (Roberts Fellowship)
Conor Rooney (Roberts Fellowship)

2019 - 2020

Apala Chaudhuri (Crothers Fellowship)
Sooyun Choi (Berson Fellowship)
Danielle Confair (Wasserman Fellowship)
Nicolas Dwarica (Berson Fellowship)
Matthew Espinosa (Wiberg Fellowship)
Lidor Foguel (Onsager Fellowship)
Alexandra Gatsios (Moore Fellowship)
Olivia Goethe (Wiberg Fellowship)
Sayoni Mitra (Onsager Fellowship)
Alexandra Nagelski (Berson Fellowship)
Krystle Reiss (Tully Fellowship)
Jacob Spies (Onsager)
Zixu Tao (Tully Fellowship)
Jennifer Troiano (Moore Fellowship)
Yingchuan Zhu (Wasserman Fellowship)