Chemistry Placement for Students Entering Fall 2020

All students are pre-enrolled and can find information at the Chemistry Placement 2020 site on Canvas.

How to accessChemistry placement information 

  1. Log in with NetID at Canvas.
  2. On the “Dashboard,” click on “Course Placements 2020.”

Trouble finding the Chem Placement 2020 site?

First, check to make sure the site was not “un-favorited.”

  1. Log in with NetID at Canvas.
  2. Click the “Courses” button.
  3. In the “drawer” pop-up window, click the “All Courses” link.
  4. Find the “Course Placements 2020” site. To favorite the course, so it appears on the Dashboard, click on the star to the left of the site title, making the star orange. 

Still having trouble seeing the site on the Dashboard or the All Courses list? Email the DUS Office.

For technical problems navigating Canvas, email Canvas support